Avon with Basket1KeziaPet with Ethiopian Turban (Large version)GinanRainforest (large version)Kejeem with Pitons Racing Home 2Growing UpKejeemw/ BandanaGina- RainforestShanyquaWillia 2018Pay BannanPet with Blue TurbanGina w/ HeliconiaPetit Piton- WaterfrontThree Children by the RiverCoconut Palm 11Pet w/ Two Plaits 2Pet w/ Two Plaits 3Pink Boat on Side 3Gros Piton from Sugar Beach 3Pet w/ Ethiopian Turban 1Pet w/ Ethiopian Turban profile 1Running Children with BoatPigeon Island 3Maria Island 1Soufriere SunriseUnloading Catch 3River Fishing 3Jounen Kwéyòl 2Ma SianJulie Mango w/ OrchidKabouwé 2TanishaLexa ConfettiNational Anthem 2Crochet Lesson 2PepperseedCarnival OrangeOld HouseSmartphonesSmartphones 2Pay BanannMasqueraders 3Choiseul 2Carnival YellowCarnival Flag BearerSouthwestern Saint LuciaTwo Graham MangoesGina-Blue Hair 1Gina-Blue Hair 2Base of Petit Piton with Gommier BoatGros Piton from Sugar Beach- MorningPet by Coconut Tree
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