Portrait Commissions

Portraits are always a challenge and as hard as I try I never achieve a perfect likeness the way a photograph would. However, an original oil painting has a certain quality and presence that no photograph can have and can literally be enjoyed for hundreds of years and passed down from one generation to the next.  My portrait commissions have included two prime ministers and two governors general, among others.  If you are interested in commissioning a portrait I will need to be able to take my own photos.  Occasionally exceptions can be made when this is not possible if a very good photo can be provided (no snapshots, no flash lighting, no big smiles, etc. the reason for this is that snapshots and photos with big smiles have a frozen quality unsuitable for a painting which will be hung on a wall and looked at for years.  For this, a pose and expression in which the subject is at rest and in a moment of thought yields the best results.)

Non-portrait Commissions are also accepted.

If interested, please e-mail: jonathan607@mac.com. Thank you.

8x10" profile- US200
8x10"- US275
9x12" profile- US295
9x12"- US325
11x14" profile- US320
11x14" one person- US375
11x14" two people- US450
16x20 one person- US550
16x20 two people- US675
16x20 three people- US800
18x24 one person- US825
18x24 two people- US900
18x24 three people- US1000
20x30 one person- US900
20x30 two people- US1100
20x30 three people- US1300
20X30 four people- US1500
24x36 one person- US1100
24x36 two people- US1300
24x36 three people- US1600
24X36 four people- US1900
24x60 one person- US1500
30X72 one person- US1750
30x40 one person- US1700
30x40 two people- US1900
30x40 three people- US2300
30x40 four people- US2650
30X40 five people- US3000
Prints now available through Fine Art America.
Online store is now open! Orders fulfilled by fineartamerica.com in 1-3 days with fast worldwide shipping. This partnership with FAA will now allow me to immediately fulfill orders whether I'm in Saint Lucia or the US and their locations in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia will allow for speedier delivery. I'm slowly adding twenty years of artwork to the site so if what you're looking for isn't there please e-mail me and I'll add it to the store. Thank you.

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