1. Sunsplash 12. Assembly #23. Rounders Dispute4. Recess #15. Library6. Desk Partners7. Something Lost8. Racing Home9. Raincoat10. Recess 211. Francine12. Jackstones13. Ring Games14. Study Partners15. Sunsplash 216. Sunsplash 317. Standpipe18. Standpipe 219. Ti Manmay20. Vex21. Xanique Anne22. Water Bottle23. Chinese Skip 724. Walking Up25. Under the Eucalyptus26. Pink Umbrellas and Blue Uniforms27. Pretage28. After School29. After Assembly30. Lakanplish 931. Almond Tree32. Teacher Malika33. Classroom 134. classroom 235. Boys36. Breeze37. The Annunciation38. Birds of Paradise39. Xanique and Pretage40. An Frwéshè Pyé Chennet-la41. Blue Jumpers42. Chinese Skip 643. Best Friends44. Girl with Pencil45. Lakanplish 646. Lakanplish 10
The Schoolchildren