High Street 2006Grand Chimen RoyalweAnna-Lisa & Danielle1. Sunday Morning2. Poui Blossoms 23. Labatwi Cricket 14. Ti Bouk5. Castries Market6. Backyard Cricket 17. Pon Lepotek8. Fishermen 19. Anbasiton10. After Church11. God is Love12. Guava Tree13. High Street14. La Croix Junction15. Laborie Market16. Laborie Classique17. Three FIshermen18. Let's Go19. Maché Byen20. Miss Helen's Shop21. Miss Helen's Shop on Sunday22. Big Sister23. Saturday Morning24. Stilters25. Under the Flamboyant26. Allan Louisy Street27. Banana Tree28. Around the Corner29. Carrying Baby Sister30. Baby Sitting31. Bay Street (Tibouk)32. Sandcastle33. Building Kabouwé34. Baby Sitting 235. Aging
Everyday Life
What I also like to call "Caribbean Genre Paintings", ie., scenes of everyday life in the Caribbean. Ordinary but beautiful.